Jessup - They robbed me by switching parts on my vehicle

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I bought a 2011 from Jessup had a Pro Comp lift kit, flowmaster exhaust, new wheels/tires put on before taking it home.I paid cash for my vehicle during the first six months I had a leak that they say they "overlooked".I took my truck in 3 times for the same leak did not do anything to fix it until I showed them where the leak was at.

They apoligized. Although when I returned to pick my vehicle up the Service manager made a comment about me that I don't think was very professional. Upon seeing me arrive to pick up my vehicle she stated " Hi Trouble". She may have been joking but still very unprofessional.

A few months later I had to have some body work done to my vehicle and when I picked it up I noticed it didn't run the same. After getting home I inspected my truck more closely and noticed that there were rusted parts on my truck that were never there before. I actually do not even know if this is the same truck. When I asked the guy from Jessup who custom built the truck for me about these parts he said they are all the same parts.

They must think I'm *** I would not have paid $70,000 for a truck that looked like this. I them tried to speak with Dan Jessup who stated there was nothing he could do. So I went to ProComp to find out a ittle more about the lift kit on my truck and the tell me the lift-kit for the 2011 Sierra HD's came out around March/April of this year.

I purchased my truck October 2010 so I'm wondering if the lift-kit on my truck is even the correct one.When I tried to e-mail the guy who did the custom work to ask him about this my e-mail was returned to me.

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